'SEARCHING.zip - @B1GJuice905


It has only been a month since B1GJuice released his debut EP ‘SEARCHING.zip’ and the response has been overwhelming. After marking its release with a performance at The Drake Underground “What’s In The Box” Music Festival, ‘SEARCHING.zip’ made its way into various publications around the world; from the US to Germany and back to Canada. Its lead single ‘CHAPTER5.joy’ stands firm as a great example of the purposefulness B1GJuice creates with. WordIsBond provides some insights; “Backed by a mellow, solemn texture, (B1GJuice) delivers a thought-provoking tale of his life from different perspectives…he brings the listener closer to the mix with his gripping visual imagery and detailed lyrics.”

Blessed with a sense of resilience and strength from his past as a NCAA Athlete, he remains drowned in solitude and plots his next steps. He commands an audience with not only a sinister voice, but a skill fluid enough to rap over any beat thrown at him. This project is documentation of just that. Stream SEARCHING.zip today!

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