ATLANTA - FAMILY DISTINS [A3C Festival '19 VLOG] - @Knucks_music #NoDaysOff

EPISODE ONE - Season 1

In this vlog series filmed in ATL, a few cousins are on a journey trying to better their lives and the lives of their family. Knucks is a UK rapper on the verge of stardom, joined by his creative collective #NoDaysOff. In episode one the team arrive in Lawrenceville, GA to visit their uncles and cousins before heading downtown.

Knucks was booked to perform at the A3C festival on the British Takeover stage and the team were around to capture the best bits in this mini series.

Track list:
Knucks - 24
Knucks - Used To
Knucks - Big Kahuna Freestyle
Knucks - Cake

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@Knucks_music @nodaysoffcc

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