Discogs Presents: SXSW Record Fest #SXSW 2020 - @discogs

Discogs Presents: SXSW Record Fest SXSW 2020

Discogs to Host Free Record Fair at South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas

Discogs, the leading online physical music Marketplace and Database, announced today its first-ever event in association with the South by Southwest festival in Austin, as part of the official SXSW Block Party. Discogs Presents SXSW Record Fest will take place over three days from Thursday, March 19th to Saturday, March 21 from 12 pm - 6 pm at Native Hostel and entry is free to all.   

SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen people come together, a great match with Discogs’ community of record lovers from around the world. A record fair is a perfect way to round off a week of celebrations around music.  

Numerous tables will be filled with records, tapes, and CDs covering all genres of music. Be a part of the community, meet specialists, other collectors and find the gems you never knew you needed! More information can be found on the Discogs Presents SXSW Record Fest event page.  

*Tables for record vendors are still available but filling up fast. Sellers can reserve their stall by registering here.*

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