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How Converse Uses Materials Innovation to Reimagine Design

A business doesn’t get to be more than 100 years old by resting on its laurels.

Take it from Converse, a company that hasn’t been shy about evolving in recent years to serve consumers across sport and culture. From the introduction of Converse Renew to its re-entry into basketball with the Converse All Star Pro BB, it’s the company’s ability to remain classic but reimagine its approach that is driving design. 

“We’ve always been a progressive brand, but as we enter a new decade we see an incredible opportunity to push the boundaries of our own design and product ethos,” says Phil Russo, Global VP, Design & Innovation at Converse. “How can we really show up for our consumers with products that reflect their physical and emotional needs? For us, that question has never been more vital.”

With reimagination at the core of Converse’s DNA, the latest iteration comes in the form of advances in fit, form, sizing and function through a suite of materials innovations intended to deliver superior comfort. The materials toolkit will inform the way Converse builds its footwear going forward and is acutely dubbed ‘CX.’

CX Will Transform How Converse Products Are Made
The result of years of research and experimentation, CX is an innovative toolkit of materials that will transform the way Converse footwear is made, delivering new levels of comfort. 

Today, the CX toolkit delivers through three core elements:

CX stretch canvas: A new material innovation that adapts to a wearer’s foot and enables easy on-off wearability. 

CX foam: A pairing of a single-density PU insole and lightweight phylon midsole, which boosts impact absorption to maximize long-lasting comfort.

New outsole design: CX foam is supported by a new rubber outsole design that provides flexibility and improved durability.

“CX allows Converse to create more functional, stylish and comfortable footwear than ever before,” says Brandis Russell, VP, Global Footwear at Converse. “In time, we plan to integrate its elements into every footwear product we make.”

The toolkit also informs a new product series, CX, which consists of three new footwear designs:

All Star Disrupt CX: A future-forward twist on the classic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette through its key signifier — an exaggerated statement heel counter — intended to be expressive, bold and a signal of both comfort and newness.

Chuck Taylor Disrupt CX: A sleek, low-cut slip featuring CX stretch canvas and foam, with radical design language, such as an exaggerated heel counter.

Chuck Taylor All Star CX: A familiar classic, hosting upgrades like new stretch canvas, CX foam, and transparent foxing to showcase its transformative midsole, energizing both in look and step.

On March 12, longtime collaborator and streetwear innovator TakahiroMiyashita TheSoloist. will be first to present a take on the series through Converse x TheSoloist. All Star Disrupt CX, a black and white iteration, which debuted during TakahiroMiyashita’s SP20 show in Paris.

All silhouettes will be introduced in an assortment of monotone colors that evoke memories of comfort, starting March 19 with the All Star Disrupt CX at converse.com and select retailers globally.  

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