Megan Thee Stallion unveils self-directed visuals for 'Captain Hook'  - @theestallion

Megan Thee Stallion unveils self-directed visuals for 'Captain Hook' 

One of the most exciting voices in the game right now, Houston Hottie Megan Thee Stallion’s SUGA project released last week to widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike, edging us closer to Hot Girl Summer with the most complete encapsulation of her culture-shifting sound to date. Among the project’s early highlights was ‘Captain Hook’ - a hard hitting rap cut and an ode to men with curves in all the right places.

Co-produced by LilJuMadeTheBeat and Megan herself, the track puts Thee Stallion’s trademark lyrical flair on centre stage; finding her paying tribute to satisfaction without compromise over an 808-laden instrumental, punctuated with cartoonish sword slices. Featuring the exact kind of audacious one-liners that Megan has become synonymous with, ‘Captain Hook’s' accompanying visual consolidates Megan’s relationship with her fans (affectionately known as “Hotties”) - directly inserting them into the narrative of the project’s namesake, Suga.

Directed by Megan, the video casts her hotties into select scenes, allowing Megan to encourage her message of positivity and female kinship in Suga’s own, hyper-glamourous world. The visual depicts Megan recording the track in the studio with her closest friends, setting the tone for the song’s raucous energy by inviting more and more hotties to the session. Culminating in the ultimate hottie party, ‘Captain Hook’ becomes the soundtrack to one of the wildest nights out Houston has ever seen, with Thee Stallion in full command of the boat.

With both ‘Captain Hook’ and SUGA, Megan Thee Stallion has asserted her dominance on hip hop’s main stage. A creative talent that has now established herself as a true polymath, ‘Captain Hook’ places Megan’s unmistakable flow, no holds barred wordplay, ear for production and now deft video direction into the spotlight, forcing those around her to step their game up or get left behind. Thee Houston Hottie is doing it all, and on her own terms.


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