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Sports company PUMA puts the hammer down with their latest motorsport partner apparel collection. By blending the stylish street collection and the functional/performance RCT (Ready to REACT) line, PUMA generates a range of streetwear directly from “Track to Street”.

For years PUMA has been working with the most successful motorsport teams on the planet, such as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, BMW M Motorsport and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team creating unique products. 

BMW M Motorsport’s tire-slaying attitude in street culture has inspired trends and designs that are rooted in motorsport. The street style collection comes with rubberized branding, a three-color focus, asymmetric blocks and allover prints. The RCT collection of the Bavarian motorsport team takes it to the next level, incorporating technical fabrics and reflective branding. It also features a thermoregulating technology called 37.5, which acts like a thermostat by removing moisture when you’re hot and retaining warmth when you’re cold. 

Always a strong candidate to jump onto the top spot of the podium, the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport street collection features inserted panels with a twin needle topstitch, woven drawcords and sign off icon details, which create a jaw-dropping effect rooted in car culture. Straight from the workshop, the RCT collection offers horizontal panel mesh knits and bonded mesh pocket zips.

Inspired by drifting and underlined with the slogan “Gives you Wings”, the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Lifestyle Collection accelerates your daily style. The lifestyle range pushes the pedal to the metal with yellow color mash ups and curved color blocking racing stripes, disrupted with embroidery and typical PUMA T7 stripes.

All PUMA Motorsport apparel partner lines are available in stores now.

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