B1GJuice aims to uplift with his new release ‘WINDOWS’ - @B1GJuice905

B1GJuice aims to uplift with his new release ‘WINDOWS’

In response to the excellent reception his debut EP ‘SEARCHING.zip’ has received, B1GJuice has decided to drop another gem on his audience titled ‘WINDOWS’. His first single of 2020 is a means to bring some light into the world as we deal with our current situation. Backed by sampled production with a mixture of nimble percussion and light-hearted piano scales, B1GJuice voices his desire to stay genuine and purposeful through doubt, adversity, and human emotion. “Our current times are cloudy and uncertain. We must face them with patience, endurance, and optimism. Even the caged bird must sing.” In the midst of turmoil and confusion, Juice has found a way to dig deep (literally in the crates) and provide the people with some clarity. Hear B1GJuice speak for the voiceless on ‘WINDOWS’.

Blessed with a sense of resilience and strength from his past as a NCAA Athlete, B1GJuice remains drowned in solitude and plots his next steps. He commands an audience with not only a powerful voice, but a skill fluid enough to rap over any beat thrown at him. This single is documentation of just that. Stream ‘WINDOWS’ today!

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