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TwonDon - Dual Citizenship Pack

TwonDon is back with his latest and first offering of the new decade and year. Following a string of releases in 2019, this brand new release titled 'Dual Citizenship Pack' proves he shows no signs of letting up. Though this new offering is short, sweet, straight forward and well produced holding only two songs a little under 7 minutes, Twon still manages to give his core what they admire about him. 

In "So Help Me God," you find Twon at his most vulnerable and venting just about everything. There's no stone left unturned in that record, which leads into "Money Isn't Happiness" that picks the mood and energy up to leave the listener with a satisfying exit. 

With production by Vitals, JabariOnTheBeat, and BigBoyTraks. Listen to this audio dope below on all DSP's. 

'Dual Citizenship Pack' 

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