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Anxiety is in the air right now!!!

It feels like there’s an infinite amount of things to be anxious about.

The pandemic. The environment. The economy. Being a musician with zero back up plan. Relationships. What to eat for dinner. Whether you have allergies or you’re about to die.

No matter how big or small the situation, my level of anxiety remains consistently off the charts.

The new single, "FUYL," is about the anxiety I get when everything is going great in a relationship and I’m super into the person but I’m 100% sure I’m about to ruin it.

This is the first single off my sophomore album Loveless Metropolis.

Loveless Metropolis is about mental health, modern love, autonomy, addiction and independence. Sonically, the whole album has a sort of vintage romance vibe, but the lyrics are playful, biting and tongue in cheek.

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