Safe Boating Awareness Week, May 16 -- 22nd - @csbc_bt_tips

Safe Boating Awareness Week, May 16 -- 22nd

With physical distancing a way of life over the past months, Canadians are itching to get back on the water. In many areas of Canada, it will become a reality this long weekend. For those of you that are able to go boating, the CSBC (Canadian Safe Boating Council) wants to remind you that the water is still cold and for many, your boat has been laid up over the winter and your boating skills might be rusty. 

Joe Gatfield, Chair, CSBC stated 'With recreational boating having such a slow start due to Covid-19 this year, if you need help, it might not be as readily available from rescue services or other boaters as it was in previous years. So, this year, it is even more critical to be prepared and not put additional pressure on emergency resources. Keep in mind the CSBC's 5 Key Messages to stay safe on the water … for now and for later in the season!'

Wear Your Lifejacket - Over 80% of Canadians who drown while boating were not wearing their lifejacket or not wearing it properly.

Boat Sober - Whether it's prescription drugs, alcohol or cannabis, the use of intoxicants is both irresponsible and illegal.

Be Prepared, You and Your Boat - Make sure you and your boat are up to your planned on-water activities.

Take a Boating Course – Operating a powered vessel, you should have your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, so consider taking some advanced courses. If your boating preference tends towards paddle, enroll in some training.

Be Aware of Cold Water Risks - Cold water can severely impact your ability to swim or even just stay afloat. Your best chance of surviving an accidental cold water immersion is to wear your lifejacket!

Boating is a favourite pastime for many Canadians. It can reduce the stress of physical isolation and it's a great family activity. By its very nature, boating provides the ideal way to get out and enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining physical distancing practices.

The CSBC wants you to have a super season on the water this summer.

Stay safe - stay separated – have fun.

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