Skyxxx Releases "OutHere" feat. Wifisfuneral - @LocalTrash @wifisfuneral

Skyxxx Releases "OutHere" feat. Wifisfuneral

Dropping infectious rhymes and flaunting fashion-forward fatigues, Skyxxx pushes a punchy new paradigm for hip-hop on his debut for Warner Records. Of Dominican descent, the New York-born and Orlando-based rapper went from corner battle rapping as a kid to earning early viral success with “Bangk” in 2013. A string of independent solo projects followed, including the And Then The Moon Fell and the Sixxxty EP. 2018 saw him turn up on Hellbound Radio, which Elevator 

proclaimed, “a captivating composition from the enigmatic young MC as he continues to elevate his sound.” In 2019, the momentum ramped up further with a deal from Warner Records and high-profile collaborations such as Slushii’s “Run Up The Block” and "Chicken Dinner" with Party Favor. Skyxxx makes his formal debut with the incendiary and irresistible single “Hotboy.” 

Over a sparse beat, he vaults from gruff and nimble verses into the hypnotic hook. Fusing timeless bars and 21st century swagger, Skyxxx ultimately builds what he calls “the bridge of classic rap and the new era.”


Skyxxx Releases "OutHere" feat. Wifisfuneral - @LocalTrash @wifisfuneral Skyxxx Releases "OutHere" feat. Wifisfuneral - @LocalTrash  @wifisfuneral Reviewed by FADED4U on May 03, 2020 Rating: 5

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