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How Is Social Media Influencing Rap and Hip Hop?

Although Rap has deep roots, in general, the genre is still quite young. Whereas Rock and Roll has a few more decades under its belt, modern Rap only really started appearing in the 90s. Yes, RapTV has reported on groups that were around in the 80s like, for example, the Sugar Hill Gang, and those groups were influential, but they are a far cry from what we consider modern Rap. 
As a young genre, Rap is perfectly situated to use social media in a way that few other types of music can. Rap and Hip Hop artists have long battled with executives and others in the music business about what should and shouldn’t be released. There was a time when music executives fought Rappers over the idea that songs about the “street” had any commercial viability. Those days are gone. But still, many Rap and Hip Hop artists find themselves being stifled by narrow-minded executives. 
Thankfully, for those who like creative or new music, there is a solution. Social media provides an alternative for rappers to promote themselves and to release new music in a way that they could never have dreamed of before.

New Rap and Hip Hop Business Models

Chance the Rapper became famous both for his music and for his hardline stance against music executives. Chance had a vision. He knew what he wanted to make, and he knew it could be successful. He wasn’t willing to let anyone force him to compromise on his vision. Executives waved vast sums of money in his face, but still, Chance refused. He knew that if he stayed true to himself and stayed firm, he could not only have the money but could also maintain control over the artistic direction of his music. 

Chance the Rapper was right. If this was twenty years ago, however, almost certainly, it would not have possible for Chance to be successful in such an independent way. Why? Because today we have social media. Today it is possible for musicians and artists to release their work directly to fans. Back in the day, this form of distribution was not possible. It used to be that music executives and radio DJs controlled everything. If the executives didn’t think you could sell, you wouldn’t get a record deal. And, if the DJs didn’t like your sound, you wouldn’t get any airtime.

Today, fans can discover the artists that best match their tastes. And that is the primary way that social media has influenced the Rap and Hip Hop scene: Social media has taken control out of the hands of select media moguls and distributed it to music creators and music consumers. Social media has, in other words, democratized the music industry.

Another great thing about how social media has influenced the music industry is that rather than giant splashy groups, artists, and music videos, social media has made a rap about actual rapping again. No longer do people need Disney channel style videos. Up and coming rappers can focus on their lyrics and how their music sounds rather than worrying so much about maintaining a false image or about the business and marketing side of things.

Now that you know how social media influenced rap and hip hop, you can take note next time a new artist takes to social media to promote his or her work. Just know that simply because a rapper or hip-hop artist is producing their work online does not mean the person is not legit. Many of the greatest musicians alive, including Beyoncé, are taking to bringing their music straight to those who listen to it. Social media-based marketing of music is the way of the future.   

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