🔥 HOT HOT HEAT 🔥 - @OdarioWilliams


The future is now and it’s time to feel better about ourselves. 

“Hot Hot Heat” featuring Kamilah Apong of Tush is about making sense of a bizarre world,

 and reaching for music as the remedy in the most challenging of times.   

Produced by Todor Kabov (Metric, Stars, Feist), the idea for “Hot Hot Heat” came from a friend who realized that life had gotten the best of her, and it had been years since she escaped to do what she loves the most: going out on the town for a night of dancing.

Let off some steam. Restless feet keep keepin’ on!

🔥 HOT HOT HEAT 🔥 - @OdarioWilliams 🔥 HOT HOT HEAT 🔥 - @OdarioWilliams Reviewed by FADED4U on July 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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