Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music About New Song "Take You Dancing", Mastering Social Media, Acting Ambitions, and More - @AppleMusic

Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music About New Song "Take You Dancing", Mastering Social Media, Acting Ambitions, and More

Jason Derulo joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music to chat about his new song “Take You Dancing”. He tells Apple Music about the song, how he’s spending time at home, being a free agent and experimenting with releasing new music, mastering TikTok and other social media platforms, and his acting ambitions. 

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Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music About Spending Time at Home and TikTok as a Vehicle To Create…

Oh, man. Incredible, incredible, man. Just kind of enjoying my time at home. I'm always on the road, road crazy. So it's nice to just be in my own space. For sure, for sure. And I think it's just more so the fact that I had time, time to myself and in my space. Like I said, at home, just kind of having fun with it and just creating things from nothing. TikTok has been a vehicle that I can just kind of create things. I love creating things. My home I created. For the past six years, I've been building this compound and doing things like that is just kind of my interest where I just making something that isn't that glamorous, making it glamorous.

Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music About His Current Label Situation and Being a Free Agent…

Zane Lowe: So today's cover of New Music Daily, "Take You Dancing." Is that part of a long form project? Are we getting into album mode now, into project mode?

Jason Derulo: It's a little tricky because I was in a label situation for 12 years. And back in March, I was finally able to get out of that situation. I'm a free agent. I've been doing different songs with different labels. And at this moment, I'm just enjoying that freedom and we'll see where it takes us. But for now, I'm enjoying this.

Yeah, I think it's really cool, man. And I really do believe that the sky's the limit and I could probably do it on my own for sure. But I do think where my goals lie are with a label, just having that one team that I consider family and we kind of hit the ground running together as opposed to working with different people all the time. I think it's important to just have that one synergy.

Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music About The Thought Process Behind Releasing Multiple Songs in a Short Period of Time…

The thought process is I haven't released music in a long time in this way. You know what I'm saying? It's just been such a long period of time where I was just able to release music freely. I just think it feels good from that standpoint, but also songs are going to do what they going to do. You know what I'm saying? And I believe they're all great songs in their own right. And some songs will live in different places. "Don't Cry For Me" with Alok is a song that will be in the dance world. But I think that eventually it will cross over, so that one will take a little time. "Coño" is also another song that lives in a different space and "Take You Dancing" will go straight to pop. You know what I'm talking about? So I feel like they can coexist in some world that I see in my head.

Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music About Mastering Social Media…

I think for me the balance is ... I mean, music is always first. I mean, it's my first love. It's my passion. And this is what I've been gifted with, but the social media thing is a lot of fun. I will never in a million years discredit it because it's a skill, man. And for each social media platform, I think it requires a different kind of skill. Instagram is a very different thing than Snapchat. Snapchat is a very different thing than TikTok. Why I think TikTok works for me is it's really not about the glitz and the glam. It's not about what I have. It's just about the content. And it's a very level playing field. You can go viral tomorrow. And no matter if you have a hundred million followers or if you have 10 followers, you can literally go viral tomorrow. And I love that aspect about it. And I got into it by just trying some challenges. And I think it's dope to be able to do these different challenges and things on TikTok with your family and the people that you're close to as opposed to just watching Netflix all day or watching sports or playing video games. Get up and do something. You know what I'm saying? And I think TikTok has become that in 2020.

Jason Derulo Tells Apple Music What’s Next and Getting More Into Acting…

Man, films, man. It's an unfortunate situation because I'm just trying to get my feet wet into the film industry. But the times have put a tremendous hold on that. So yeah. Hopefully if everything gets back together, I can go back to filming.these movies that I started. So yeah, I'm doing one with Samuel Jackson. I'm doing another one where I'm playing Ron Isley in the film. Yeah. And then another one that I can't mention yet. But yes, it's quite a bit, man, but everything got put on hold. It's stopped.

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