The Audible Doctor - "rx0.005" / "rx0.006" / "HeavyBag" [Video] - @audibledoctor

The Audible Doctor - "rx0.005" / "rx0.006" / "HeavyBag" [Video]

Due to the psychotic murder of George Floyd by 3 police officers on May 25th, 2020. The Audible Doctor decided to postpone his "12 EP's in 12 months" remix series, so you're getting two of them back to back now. "rx0.005" is an interpretation of classic Wu-Tang songs/beats created from covers of original songs they sampled and "rx0.006" is a mixture of instrumental covers from some notable new records... BONUS: As a little treat for you, he's releasing his first visual of the year, "HeavyBag" in light of Black Lives Matter. #rx0005 #rx0006 #heavybag #theaudibledoctor

"HeavyBag" is off The Audible Doctor's "rx0.005" EP which is available here:

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