The Summer House pergola by Jardin de Ville

The Summer House pergola by Jardin de Ville

Jardin de Ville is pleased to present the Summer House pergola: a modular, luxurious and intelligent shelter that takes ultimate interior comfort outside.

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With foreign adventures off the menu for the time being, many people are refocusing on an already-popular trend that has become vital: making home as pleasant and comfortable as possible. More than ever, our exterior spaces are indispensable extensions of our interiors.

Uncompromising interior comfort, outdoors: that’s what the Summer House pergola delivers. It provides shelter from rain, wind, bugs, cold and sun. It features adjustable slats and lateral openings, lateral screens, smart sensors, a mobile app to control everything, and heating: everything you need to maintain ideal conditions, make the most of the outdoors, and stretch your summer deep into the fall.

The patented smart-motor system, controlled via Bluetooth, allows you to enjoy your patio in the rain or, especially, the hot summer sun. A temperature and sunlight sensor lets in just the right amount of sunshine. Thanks to geolocation data, the slats automatically readjust based on the sun’s position. When it rains, the waterproof slats close automatically. The Summer House pergola’s wind, rain and sun sensors work together to give you unmatched freedom.

The pergola also includes a rich set of integrated accessories, opening up unlimited multimedia possibilities: LED lighting, speakers, a video projector, USB chargers and power outlets. Whether you want to create a warm, intimate ambiance or a party vibe, the new Summer House pergola adapts effortlessly to your current mood and desire. A nice cup of coffee in the morning sun, a lazy rainy afternoon spent reading, a family barbecue with upbeat tunes, a classy cocktail hour with friends under mood lighting, a movie night under a canopy of mini-LED stars…

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