Global Rapper Koncept and Brandon Bills invite fans to take a moment for their lyricism with their new track “FREEZE”. Set to be released on the 25th August, this track fits perfectly with today’s new age of hip hop, more importantly, the delivery of each line is clear and easy for fans to pick-up and repeat. 

The production behind Freeze leaves listeners in a state of euphoria as we’re introduced to a sound that is almost hypnotizing yet you have to listen to what’s coming next, thanks to producer Max Landry. Once the bass kicks in and both Koncept and Brandon exchange bars, you may find yourself nodding along and before you know it, the time has passed and “Play Again” is your only option!  

When speaking about the track, the guys said, “(Freeze) is about being so dope, so cold, you need to stop what you're doing and pay attention.” The song has a lot of swag with Koncept likening the concept of being frozen to being cold in fashion, cold in coolness and of course, jewellery (Icy).

KONCEPT, BRANDON BILL$ "FREEZE" - @Koncept KONCEPT, BRANDON BILL$ "FREEZE" - @Koncept Reviewed by FADED4U on August 28, 2020 Rating: 5

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