Roc Nation & JESSENIA debuts "PHOENIX" - @iamjessenia_

Roc Nation & JESSENIA debuts "PHOENIX"

 Multi-talented, singer/songwriter, actress and influencer JESSENIA, returns to the music scene as one of the newest music sensations in 2020 with the announcement of a new deal with Equity Distribution - an independent music distribution company under the umbrella of the iconic Roc Nation.
In addition to the big news, the Latina and rising star is also celebrating the début of her newest single “PHOENIX” which is part of her very first and forthcoming EP. “This is a very empowering record for me, and I can’t wait for the world to hear part of my story with this song” expressed Jessenia. The single is available on all digital platforms today.

“Phoenix” is a fusion of pop with contemporary R&B beats, combined with smooth vocals from Jessenia. The song relates a powerful and personal story of rising from the ruins after being torn apart. “Phoenix is about rebuilding and healing after being broken so many times in so many ways. This is such a significant record for me because it’s inspiring, but it also represents the 360° of what is like to go through all stages of emotional recovery” said Jessenia. 

Written by Jessenia and co-produced with former and long-time partner Jaimie Wilson, “Phoenix” becomes one of the most important productions on Jessenia’s music repertoire, "with this single, I am the best version of myself and I’m ready to share it with the entire world”.

Presently, Jessenia prepares to start a digital tour to promote her single and announce the release dates for her official music video and EP, which are set to be released in August and September respectively.

Roc Nation & JESSENIA debuts "PHOENIX" - @iamjessenia_ Roc Nation & JESSENIA debuts "PHOENIX" - @iamjessenia_ Reviewed by FADED4U on August 10, 2020 Rating: 5

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