VISVIM Cordura 20XL

Cordura 20XL

Hiroki Nakamura created Visvim as a means to transcend the craft of clothing making. Truly on the next level when it comes to craftsmanship, there's no match out there. Nakamura designs products through his own filter, using a variety of inspirations, regardless of what time period they are from or whether they are rooted in Western or Eastern elements. At times, conflicting elements can be reborn as a new part of our everyday lives. Creating timeless garments at the highest standards of manufacturing, Visvim continues to blend Japanese work-wear with an Americana twist. Both premium, high-tech designs and exceptional use of materials. More than just a garment, each one is a piece of art, A true collector's item.

VISVIM Cordura 20XL VISVIM Cordura 20XL Reviewed by FADED4U on August 20, 2020 Rating: 5

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