LG 'Rolls' Out Craft Ice on More Refrigerator Models, Adds New Features for Today's Next-Level Kitchen - @LGUS

LG 'Rolls' Out Craft Ice on More Refrigerator Models, Adds New Features for Today's Next-Level Kitchen

With more consumers experimenting in the kitchen as they spend more time at home, LG Electronics  is expanding its industry-first, slow-melting LG Craft Ice™ technology to 9 refrigerator models while adding convenient new features designed to inspire consumers to take their everyday kitchens to the next level.

The entire lineup of smart, Wi-Fi-connected LG refrigerators with Craft Ice can produce double the amount of Craft Ice in the same amount of time for bespoke beverages at home.1  Plus, consumers can choose from new feature-packed models with a versatile Full-Convert™ drawer that switches among five custom fridge to freezer temperatures,2 LG InstaView® "knock on" glass technology, and the largest capacity French Door refrigerators on the market.3   

"Today's consumer is looking for a reliable refrigerator with more storage and organization, while also seeking new ways to get creative in their own kitchens as they stay close to home," said Peggy Ang, head of marketing at LG Electronics USA. "Only LG offers the largest capacity in its category and innovative storage, along with features that inspire users to have fun mastering cocktail recipes or making the perfect iced coffee at home – all with the peace of mind only LG can deliver as the country's most-awarded appliance brand in customer satisfaction." 4

Double the Fun with Craft Ice+
The flexibility to choose cubed, crushed or exclusive slow-melting round Craft Ice on demand just got better. 2020 LG smart refrigerators with Craft Ice have been upgraded to include the option to double the Craft Ice output – from three to six ice spheres – in the same amount of time.5 Owners of 2019 models can also enjoy the new Craft Ice+ feature via a software download when they connect their fridge to the LG ThinQ® app. With the ability to store up to 25 ice spheres in the freezer drawer bin and auto-replenishment, the new feature helps keep Craft Ice fully stocked for everyone.

LG refrigerators with Craft Ice are the industry's first to automatically make slow-melting round ice (measuring two inches in diameter) in the freezer drawer without the hassle and mess of filling and freezing molds. The innovation opens up a new frontier for home mixologists while also keeping sodas, iced coffee, and other drinks colder longer. LG Craft Ice refrigerators also feature ice in the door and a water dispenser that measures the exact amount (4, 8, 16 or 32 ounces) of fresh, filtered water, automatically turning off when done.

Chill Today, Freeze Tomorrow for More Capacity When You Need It
New to the Craft Ice lineup are the most versatile InstaView refrigerators yet, new 4-door French Door models featuring LG's first Full-Convert drawer (models LRMVS3006 and LRMVC230). The drawer's temperature can be changed with a simple touch of a button, enabling users to increase usable freezer space to 40 per cent or refrigerator capacity by 10 per cent. Five temperature profiles meet various needs: Chilled Wine (5°C), Deli/Snacks (3°C), Cold Drinks (1°), Meat/Seafood (-1°C), and Freeze (-23°). The Full-Convert Drawer satisfies any family's needs, with adjustable dividers to keep everything organized.

See and Reach Favourites in an Instant
LG's popular InstaView® refrigerators enable users to knock twice on the tinted glass door to illuminate the interior, so you can easily see what you need without keeping the door open too long. Offering quick and easy access to foods, snacks for the kids, cocktail mixers and more, the popular Door-in-Door® design keeps it all organized. With options including Side-by-Side, and French Door (3- and 4-door) models, along with counter-depth and standard-depth options, consumers can find the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator that fits their kitchen and lifestyle perfectly.

LG 'Rolls' Out Craft Ice on More Refrigerator Models, Adds New Features for Today's Next-Level Kitchen - @LGUS LG 'Rolls' Out Craft Ice on More Refrigerator Models, Adds New Features for Today's Next-Level Kitchen - @LGUS Reviewed by FADED4U on September 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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