The Fall 2020 Lo Fi / Hip Hop Soundtrack


The fall 2020 lo fi / hip hop soundtrack

This is the third release of the lo fi / hip hop compilation by Emic Entertainment and it’s out now since November 20, 2020: a much awaited appointment for lovers of a genre that is getting more and more popular worldwide.

003/20 continues on the path started in April of this year, proposing a tracklist of 10 beats that take us by the hand in the middle of autumn, enveloping us with warm atmospheres and a relaxing trend full of low tempo grooves and sinuous melodies.

The strength of the collective and the importance of sharing are the values ​​that guide this project which brings together various beatmakers at each appointment. The cover created by Erika Nardi collects this spirit and represents it through an image that combines design and photography, fantasy and urban reality.

003/20 is the ideal place to meet and share imagination and listening. A multitude of voices that meet for a journey that changes direction with every play.


RDA - Golden Leaves

JTR - Trouble

Ni_so - Outdoors

Blkldg - Nindo

I’m Nick - Softly

Kurokame - The Way To X

Aquiloo - Sleepy Cloe

Project Shallow - White Shadow

Cosmic Biscuits - Last Breeze Of Summer

Cyanaid - The Right Time

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