Biggest One-Day Gun Seizure In One Apartment


Biggest One-Day Gun Seizure In One Apartment 

This is not a normal thing to find in a modest apartment in Canada, a country with strict gun-control laws. A Glock 17, with an add-on selector switch that makes it fully automatic, along with a high-capacity 50-round magazine. This beast wasn’t alone in the apartment in Toronto. Not by a long shot. The Mob Reporter here with news this week of what Toronto police confirm is the largest single-day seizure of guns and drugs in the city’s history. 

All told, police found 65 guns, 15,000 rounds of ammunition, several high-capacity magazines and $18.2-milllion worth of drugs in an apartment unit of a man with no known criminal history. Police said the guns were destined for the city’s street gangs.

Police attention was drawn to the area after reports of trafficking activity. Officers soon zeroed in on this place, a small low-rise apartment building on Cloverhill Street in Etobicoke, in Toronto’s west end. It’s typically a quiet neighborhood filled with homes, schools and parks. Police entered the apartment on Nov. 17. Inside, they found a 45-year-old man, named Daniel Dubajic, who has no criminal record, police said. Dubajic was calm and cooperative, police said. That may speak to his keen interest in new age healing and wellness, which was at least one way he earned his keep. 

Of the firearms seized, 57 were handguns. Most are restricted or prohibited in Canada. There was quite a range. 

Mob Reporter 

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