In early 2021, Adidas will debut the brand’s latest footwear innovation – Futurenatural. Designed to mirror an athlete’s speed and quick change of direction, Futurenatural will offer a seamless design and new 360-degree fit system to create a natural advantage for athletes.

The one-piece shoe mold works with an athlete’s natural movement to unlock total freedom and dynamic angles – the first iteration of the technology applied to footwear will be featured on James Harden’s fifth signature basketball sneaker, Harden Vol. 5.

Futurenatural features the best of adidas’ midsole technologies with BOOST for ultimate comfort, and LIGHTSTRIKE which provides super-light cushioning while still retaining superb responsiveness. This all-new process and construction debuting on Harden Vol. 5 was designed to allow athletes to move freely in any direction like never before.

“Futurenatural is a new process for the creation of shoes, and is a perfect technology for Harden Vol. 5 with James’ dynamic style of play and moves on the court being unlike any other player,” said Rashad Williams, Senior Director of Footwear at adidas Basketball. “James offers feedback from a design and feel standpoint, which is extremely important during our creative process and it ultimately led us to develop the Futurenatural technology to match his game.”

Due to his dynamic style of play, quickness on the court, and unmatched ability to change direction with the ball, Futurenatural will debut in James Harden’s next signature shoe – Harden Vol. 5, which will go on-sale in early 2021 additional details to come closer to its launch.

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