Kliicks - Take Risks [Music Video] | GRM Daily - @GRMDAILY @KliicksBCF


Kliicks - Take Risks [Music Video] | GRM Daily

North West London based rapper Kliicks is continuing his trail blaze of singles, going from strength to strength... and the video 'Take Risks' is no different

Kliicks once again exemplifies the craftsmanship behind his music. His ability to convey truth and honesty in his lyrics only staple his position as one of the hardest working and exciting artists around today. With tracks set to be released in the near future, Kliicks will no doubt continue to grow as an artist and musician.

Honest and raw lyrics allow Kliicks to share his personal experiences of taking risks in his life, and how they have led to where he is now.

Kliicks is quickly becoming an established and unshakeable artist, having had features on Link Up TV and BBC Asian network. With a strong armoury of material, 'Take Risks' pushes Kliicks into the top tiers of the UK scene.

As the single deals with some home truths, Kliicks is able to communicate to his fans on a personal level. 

"My money long cos I take risks, yeah I'm on your screen but today I’m on a day shift/It's mad cos I was struggling, now the pot's bubbling.”

Kliick explains how “I had to take risks because I was struggling, and after taking risks I am doing far better! Sometimes you have to try and take risks, if you don't you will regret it in the future.” It’s this theme of truth and originality that sets Kliicks apart from the rest.

Kliicks - Take Risks [Music Video] | GRM Daily - @GRMDAILY @KliicksBCF Kliicks - Take Risks [Music Video] | GRM Daily - @GRMDAILY @KliicksBCF Reviewed by FADED4U on December 07, 2020 Rating: 5

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