The PUMA x Michael Lau Suede VTG will continue to ride on the theme from his last two iterations of the Suede, taking inspiration from the idea of a “sample” sneaker and the creative process. The zig-zag finishing of fabric samples are stitched on the shoes to create an asymmetrical industrial style that delivers an experimental feeling. The sneakers are bright and give a festive feel with the poppy red color. Other design details include different shades of color on the left and right shoes, which manifests Lau’s deliberate “mismatched colorway” concept.

Lau’s WORTH CAT Figure, inspired by the PUMA Cat logo, will once again be in the limelight of this crossover project. Just like before, sample fabric is the main material in use and the figure is made in red, yellow, white and black versions. A very limited amount of these special edition
figures will be given out for seeding and with purchase in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Based in Hong Kong, Michael Lau achieved worldwide acclaim for his collectible designer toy figures. Throughout the years, he has continually created timeless art pieces and is crowned as the “godfather of toy figures”. 

The PUMA x Michael Lau Suede VTG will launch on PUMA.com, PUMA stores and select retailers
on December 22nd. The full collection from PUMA and Michael Lau will be released in January

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