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This Winter, We Drink Provence

Following the success of its "On Wednesday, We Drink Provence" campaign—which offered great tips like food pairings and how to do up your terrace à la provençale—Vins de Provence is back to share how wines of Provence rosé can bring some light to these dark winter days. Because these wines are so varied, they're just as perfect for cozying up by the fire as they are for lounging by the pool. 

Après ski, anyone?

Many of the same characteristics that make Wines of Provence Rosé great for the summer months also make them a great match for winter. These wines have a refreshing, thirst-quenching quality that will hit the spot after a day on the slopes or cross-country skiing.

The variegated terroirs, the many grape varieties and centuries of expertise on the part of winegrowers create an astonishing diversity of choice, proving there's a Provence wine rosé for any occasion, at any time of the year.

Rosé, the perfect dinner date

Of course, this adaptability also extends to possible food pairings. A Provence wine rosé would go exquisitely with a rack of veal served with a sesame and tamari sauce. This umami-packed dish is winter comfort food par excellence. For something a little lighter but just as satisfying, try ratatouille served on slices of toast with a creamy layer of goat's cheese and garnished with basil. And for dessert? Granny Smith apple crumble topped with chocolate sauce.  A sweet and warming dessert that's complemented beautifully by a chilled glass of rosé. Could there be a better way to spend a winter evening?         

Set the table for Provence

Wines of Provence rosé aren't just sublime wines that will be at home on any table. They can also serve as inspiration when laying a table. The principal colors of rosé wines made in Provence—Peach, Melon, Mango, Pomelo, Mandarin and Redcurrant—are the perfect jumping-off point for creating a beautiful and stylish dining experience.

Match the vibrancy of these wines with tea towels with bold 70s-inspired patterns. Or go in the other direction with soft pinks and muted greens to add a sophisticated touch of the Mediterranean and convey this feeling of warmth and homeyness. Conviviality is at the heart of the Provençal way of life, and a stylishly set table is so important to achieving a welcoming, cheerful atmosphere.  

An all-year-round lifestyle

Winter isn't just another excellent time of the year to appreciate wines of Provence—it's also a crucial stage in the vineyards. It's from November to February, when the grapevines enter dormancy, that winegrowers work the soil, prune the vines and select the buds that will produce the next year's growth and fruit. In fact, the particularities of each season are incredibly important to the creation of wines as excellent as these. That's easy to remember: grown over four seasons, enjoyable over four seasons as well!

Please Drink Responsibly

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