6ixbuzzTV Launches New Website and App - @6ixbuzztv


6ixbuzzTV Launches New Website and App

6ixbuzztv, Canada’s #1 media platform rolled out 6ixbuzztv Website and App, December 29, 2020.  6ixbuzztv is the go-to entertainment site for culture & news with over 1.9 million followers, that include Premier Doug Ford & Drake.  The 6ixbuzztv app is free and available from the App store.   The innovative app will give its users first and fast access to what’s stirring in Toronto (aka “the 6ix) and Canada inclusively.  Everything you need to know, uncensored, as it unfolds.  From current breaking cultural news, interviews, entertainment and hip-hop news, the 6ixbuzztv app and website has you covered.  

If you’re a Canadian on Instagram, you’ve most likely heard of 6ixbuzztv. Its humor has taken on a life of its own, being referred to as Toronto-centric. 6ixbuzztv came from a group of young kids from the city who were tired of not being heard by mainstream media and gave a voice to the voiceless which allowed 6ixBuzztv to be born. What started as a meme page highlighting Toronto’s culture has now morphed into a budding media company that spans across Canada.  

 The page with it’s over one million followers has become the pulse of Toronto and has caught on Internationally.   6ixbuzztv app & website launch is the next of many steps for the forward-thinking minds behind the media outlet.   

6ixbuzztv followers are many and loyal to Toronto and its brand.  One of the many reasons for its popularity is 6ixbuzztv gets it.  The Toronto based media company revolves around creating & sharing some of the most viral content on social media. Using the 6ixbuzztv app and website, followers will stay connected and involved in what’s happening in their city.  The minds behind 6ixbuzztv strongly believe staying aware of Toronto initiatives like Cleanup Day, Thanksgiving Food Drives, Christmas Toy Drives, and having access to information on exclusive events, concerts, and festivals brings out the best of our community and our culture.  The must have app will also highlight stories, situations and relatable moments that never make the traditional news, while also providing rising music artists an opportunity to receive much needed attention Being aware and connected to the pulse of Toronto is the strength behind it….  6ixbuzztv App & website will bring you along for the ride. 

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