Farhad Re comes into fashion after his studies in architecture at the University of Rome, for this reason he adores and respects traditions, history and rigor and he puts all this in his sewing, with fully handmade embroidery. as in traditional sewing, sometimes materials created especially for its embroidery but what research is trying to put all these traditions in the modernity of its clothes.
The very complex cuts that are inspired by the architectonic constructions that make the implementation of these collections difficult to entrust to designers who do not have enormous experience in sewing, used the know-how of craftsmen with a lot of experience, but often they are forced to forget the classic techniques and find alternative solutions to create clothes that must always be worn without having the classic cuts and shapes that we usually get used to.

Farhad Re in a couture dress not only sees a dress but it is an artistic expression that is shown by a dress, an emotion that should leave the viewer feeling (breathe), an unforgettable form of emotion!
The Farhad Re collections are almost exclusively in silk organza, a material well loved by the designer because it allows him to build but with great lightness, like new very complex and high buildings but at the same time very light and transparent.

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