"Prices" OUT NOW - @KordoroyFloyd


"Prices" OUT NOW 

Vancouver's Kordoroy Floyd just released his video for "Prices" today (the same day that he drops his Kordo GT Compilation) and let me tell you it was worth the wait. 

The Kordo GT is a compilation of Kordoroy Floyd's 3 Kordo series EPs. The collection includes fan favourites like "Free" "Freeze" "046" and "Revenge" along with 3 brand new tracks. Kordo GT has always been the goal as Kordoroy Floyd puts it, "I wanted to give people more of an interactive album. Rather than waiting a year to get one body of work, I decided to make it into 3 unique digestible experiences."

2013 was the year Kordoroy got his start in the music world, just like many artists he began on SoundCloud and he released music under his former stage name “Immerze” - but it was in 2018 that he released his self-titled debut album "Kordoroy Floyd" that garnered attention with his slightly different sound, his lyrical ability and his songwriting. With more new music on the horizon, this is a musician that can't be ignored.

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