Benji Wild - NEW SINGLE ‘Onjob’ - @iambenjiwild


Benji Wild - NEW SINGLE ‘Onjob’

Benji Wild looks to make 2021 very much his own as he releases his new single, the fiery ‘Onjob’. 

Fans of the Astroid Boys frontman will be excited to see the new single is accompanied with a powerful music video which features footage of the recent protests in Cardiff following the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, who died just hours after being in police custody. 

Benji is back to his enthralling and provocative best as he reminds you “they know I’m the best around” despite his short break from releasing music. His lyrical swagger works in tangent with the production from welsh underground legend Stagga, who’s recent sudden death caused shockwaves across the welsh music scene.

“I’ve been sitting on this music for a while now but I’m optimistic that lockdown will end soon and I’m ready to get back on the road for my fans and deliver great music for them. Onjob is just a snippet of what I have for them”

Benji is in his element when breaking musical boundaries, voicing his opinions and of course, reminding any artist or MC that he is at the top of the pecking order. ‘Onjob’ is a clear reminder of Benji’s talents and it’ll leave you wanting more and believe us, there’s a lot more to come.

Available on all major streaming platforms 


Filmed & directed by Greg Caine

Benji Wild - NEW SINGLE ‘Onjob’ - @iambenjiwild Benji Wild - NEW SINGLE ‘Onjob’ - @iambenjiwild Reviewed by FADED4U on February 20, 2021 Rating: 5

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