Casa Colorada Valle de Bravo, Mexico


Casa Colorada
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Casa Colorada (CC) owes its name to the clay red soil color of the mountain where it is built. CC is a country house in the colonial and tourist town of Valle de Bravo, 140 km away from Mexico City. Valle de Bravo is located 1600 meters above sea level and has a privileged microclimate since temperatures slightly vary throughout the year, setting the average at 22 degrees centigrade.

Valle de Bravo is a weekend resting place due to its lake, oak and pine forests, and rivers. With all kinds of outdoors activities such as walks, mountain bike tours, paragliding and hang gliding are performed, CC’s location within this privileged environment, on a hill that borders the Monte Alto Reserve, takes advantage of the full views of the lake and town.

The terrain presented special demands as it was elongated, with steep slopes and many pine
and oak trees. It was decided to put the architectural program maintaining all the trees and only transplanting the small ones, for which we played with the geometries of the house and
was built on columns that allow the trees to remain free below. In the wide front terrace,
multiple gaps were designed for tree trunks and branches, which not only saved them but also
generate shade and greenery for the house.

Photo credit: 
Camila Cossio

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