Grave - COMA


Grave - COMA

Disclaimer****No one was harmed in the making of or in this video.  This video is a play on "digging your own grave."  The video was intended only for an art piece to bring to life the lyric and to convey that sometimes we dig our own grave and put ourself in the places we end up.  By all means, many are feeling the gravity of the times currently. Please reach out to someone or use art to release the built up energy and use your emotion to do good in the world.  Every life is valuable and each human has a place on earth. 

Vocals, lyrics, melody, harmonies - @COMAoriginal

Producer/Instrumentals-IKA/Guia Records

Mix and Master/Producer - @DjWizMVP

Production, Film, Edit - @Edesignsartstudio

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