Hawks Talon GC Hosts Live Twitch Stream with Rapper and Singer Seddy Hendrinx - @HawksTalonGC @SeddyHendrinx


Hawks Talon GC Hosts Live Twitch Stream with Rapper and Singer Seddy Hendrinx

Earlier this evening, Hawks Talon GC, the official NBA 2K League affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks, hosted a special livestream on the team’s official Twitch channel as part of a content series called Talon Takeover. As part of the stream, Hawks Talon’s Team Manager and Head Coach Wesley Acuff was joined by rapper and singer Seddy Hendrinx. Seddy, originally from Jacksonville, Fla., exercises raw emotion in each verse and every hook.

“Had a great time this afternoon on the Talon Takeover with Seddy Hendrinx,” said Acuff. “Seddy is making a name for himself in this industry, and we had a fantastic time with him on the stream this afternoon.” 

During the stream, the conversation revolved around Seddy Hendrinx’s passion for music and video games.
Despite Seddy Hendrinx professing fandom for Tupac, Lauryn Hill, André 3000, DMX, Future, and Erykah Badu, rap never seemed like an option until he witnessed the murder of his best friend Johnell in 2016. Gunned down at a party, Johnell’s last words struck a chord with Seddy, “Ball out for me.” Upholding a promise to do so, he tried his hand at an unofficial remix of Bryson Tiller’s “Remember,” and it caught fire on Soundcloud. He dropped The Roots mixtape in 2017 followed by the Just Cause EP and 2018’s Death B4 Dishonor: Loyalty Over Everything. Joining forces with Florida Boy Entertainment, Generation Now, and Atlantic Records, he made mainstream waves on the 2019 single “LOWKEY.” Over a sultry throwback R&B beat, he slides from airy freestyled verses into a slick secretive admission. Most importantly, the track set the stage for Roots 2 and a lot more “street soulful, real deal pain music.” 

With his eyes set on longevity, Seddy positioned himself for a breakout year in 2020. The Florida phenom was featured on 1800 Seconds Vol. 2, a compilation album curated by platinum superstar Future, showcasing the hottest rising stars from around the country. Seddy released B.H.D. (Black Hearted Demon) during the summer which included an OMB Peezy collaboration and “Pimpin Wit Nip,” an introspective tribute to Nipsey Hussle. His newest project Sayless boasts A-list features and production from G Herbo, Gunna, JetsonMade, Jack Harlow and more.

At the end of last year, Hawks Talon announced the creation of the one-of-a-kind content series called Talon Takeover which features celebrities, entertainers and influencers playing various popular video games. The series welcomed Emmanuel Lawrence (also known as Manni Supreme) as the host of the series. To subscribe to Hawks Talon GC’s official Twitch channel and be notified of each stream in the series, click here.


To stay up to date on Hawks Talon Gaming Club, visit HawksTalonGC.gg and follow the team’s social channels on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Hawks Talon GC Hosts Live Twitch Stream with Rapper and Singer Seddy Hendrinx - @HawksTalonGC @SeddyHendrinx Hawks Talon GC Hosts Live Twitch Stream with Rapper and Singer Seddy Hendrinx - @HawksTalonGC @SeddyHendrinx Reviewed by FADED4U on February 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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