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SOULEX Dazzles in Music Video for "Kissing On My Jeweler"

Atlanta-raised Soulex has released a new video for her previously released single “Kissing On My Jeweler.” The video is sexy and glamorous while being artistically entrancing. Fans can watch the “Kissing On My Jeweler” music video, premiering exclusively with Hollywood Life, here:

“The video is a journey through my fantasy of being ever-changing and having the power to create and destroy, it’s really otherworldly,” says Soulex on today’s release. “Every little detail in the video is an expression of how I’m controlling it. And I know this all sounds crazy but this was the visual representation of the energy from the record. The song embodied this energy and I had to follow it in the video. The song told the story and I wanted to create the world for it to live in.”

“Kissing On My Jeweler” showcases a chameleonic quality to Soulex’s sound, flexing her musicality and shoot-first-ask-questions-later cabaret cool to create something that’s all at once modern, nostalgic, and entirely uplifting. Swirling cello quickly descends into a darkly romantic, noir-tinged mid-tempo stomp that, mixed with blustery one-liners (“He says I’m so fire/Well my hand is on the holster”), celebrates the power of individuality.

“My goal as an artist is to promote self-love,” she says of “Kissing On My Jeweler.” “In our society, there’s so much aggression and miscommunication. If you love yourself, you’re able to send a powerful message to others. When I listen to music I wrote when I was younger, I think, ‘She’s so cute; she thought the world was ending.’ Now, I want people to feel like they can take on the world.”

The Atlanta-raised artist penned her very first songs after graduating high school as a way to deal with the fallout of a turbulent, long-term relationship. But the songs, written on a keyboard gifted by her father, provided more than just an outlet for teenage emotions: They quickly caught the ear of Grammy-winning producer Mike WiLL Made-It (BeyoncΓ©, Miley Cyrus, Rae Sremmurd), who signed her to a co-publishing deal with Warner Chappel. 

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