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$VN Return with Cathartic New Single, "One Shot"

Following on from an emphatic first single of the year with "The Code", Canadian duo $VN are back with another heater to warm up the winter. Only a month after their last release, $VN are answering their fans' calls with consistent new music drops. Their new single "One Shot" is a testament to the duo's astute musical talent, from confident and powerful singing to edgy, experimental and cinematic production.

(Feb. 23rd)

“One Shot” details the rollercoaster of emotions felt during a breakup. The song takes the listener on a journey from the moment one realizes that they were head over heels for someone who wasn’t worth it to the moment that they let it all go. Empathetic feelings for all the good times in the relationship are mixed with anger and regret. To complement the lyrical content in the song, the duo leaned on frequent collaborator shubs for another hard-hitting musical canvas. The pair spent time arranging the track, re-recording vocals, and adding new melodic layers to give the song a life of its own. The rollercoaster of emotions is felt through the lyrics as well as the production with chord progression changes, distortion, and other elements to draw listeners in.

About the track, nyXsun explained, “It all unfolded about a year ago after a 2020 New Years party when we were reflecting on the year. One of the members [of the MØD collective] was going through a breakup at the time and started describing how his ex was trying to win him back. His ex was sliding in the DMs, sending texts, calling, it almost became an obsession. The three dots on iMessage that never disappear, that's where the line about typing up a storm comes from. His ex wasn't in the wrong because they did have great times together, but feelings changed and it was too late to think about making things work again. The whole crew could relate and that’s when shubs pulled up the perfect beat to capture this emotion. I dug deep into my own experiences and laid it out on the track with shubs. We sent this to SAGS and he threw in a high energy verse to top off the arrangement. SAGS loved one of the lines in this track so much that he pulled it into our track Took It Too Far which released last year. It was a vibe and journey creating this song, you can hear the melodic switches, intricate production and carefully thought out lyrics, super proud of the end product!"

This year the duo is focusing on consistent music releases and they're off to a great start. The pair explain that they have a lot more in the vault, so stay ready for many more cinematic soundscapes from $VN and the MØD crew, all 2021.

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