APPAREIL architecture

APPAREIL architecture

With the Phénix House, APPAREIL Architecture adds its signature to a bright and harmonious space, where the path unfolds in softness. With attention to even the smallest of details, the renovation of this Montreal duplex manages to make different styles cohabitate, creating a project in the likeness of its clients.

Following a fire, the owners wished to refurbish their 2600 square foot residence in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighborhood. On the program: opening up the ground floor space, optimizing the openings onto the back garden, maximizing natural light, and furbishing the basement and second floor to respond to the family’s needs.

Contrasting spaces 

The project’s identity was inspired by the mingling of cultures between this couple of European and Asian heritage. The home finds a balance between a blend of influences, styles, and materials.

The kitchen was bespoke to respond to the clients’ desire to have a professional, bullet-proof kitchen, that could host and respond to the whole family’s needs. At its heart, an enormous island renders the space functional and full of character. Made of stainless steel, it contributes to an industrial aesthetic that contrasts with the white and the residential wood surrounding it, bringing a balance between a cold and a warmer physicality to the space. With the aim of creating a friendly and bright space, the opening onto the back garden has been highlighted.

Photo credit: Félix Michaud

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