BALL Watch marks Anniversary with TRAINMASTER RAILROAD STANDARD 130 YEARS - @BALLWatchCo



BALL Watch has been the synonym for accuracy since 1891. In celebration of our 130-year anniversary, we are proud to present the Trainmaster Railroad Standard 130 Years – a classic and elegant timepiece inspired by a BALL vintage pocket watch from the early 20th century, showcasing our rich heritage and watchmaking ethos.

The adoption of Standard Time. Before adopting Standard Time in 1883, time was set depending on the sun's position. As a result, every city had its own time zone, making the synchronization of railroad timetables extremely complicated. Even after Standard Time was set, the unreliability of the watches used on the railroad networks made traveling by train a dangerous business. Thus, in 1891, Webster Clay Ball was appointed as Chief Time Inspector by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. where he laid down standards of quality, accuracy, and design for all the railroad watches. That tradition carries on today in all BALL watches.

In all dark or low-light environments, the 14 micro gas tubes on the dial and hands shine automatically without any form of charging and are up to 100 times brighter than the use of conventional luminous paint. The darkness-defying lucidity is a vivid reminder of our enduring watchmaking legacy and our commitment to innovation.

Limited to 999 pieces, the commemorative timepiece features a 40mm case, micro gas tube luminosity, and subsidiary seconds design.  Available in our online store:

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