FADED4U x Riithareal Introducing - "Back to Her" - @riithareal

FADED4U x Riithareal Introducing  - "Back to Her"

Up-And-Coming “Hot Girl” Rapper RIITHAREAL has released an
original music video for her newest track about heartbreak and abandonment called, “Back to Her.” The relatabletrack is a slow-burn rap speaking truths about feeling left behind when a partner goes back to their ex.

Riithareal explains:

“Back to Her" is a song I wrote when I was dating someone and everything was going great -- no red flags -- when out of nowhere he texts me to tell me he's working things out with his ex. It triggered my anxiety so I decided to pour my emotions into my music to calm myself and came up with this song.” - Riithareal

Riane Nicole Blitzke, A.K.A. "Riithareal," is an African-American recording artist and entertainer. She attributes her passion for music in part to her mother as well as her 3 biggest inspirations; Megan Thee Stallion, Bhad Bhabie, and Cardi B. Inspired by the Hot Girl sound, Riithareal entertains her fans with an original flow that is all her own, destined to bring her unique flavor into the music industry. Her latest single, "Back to Her" is a sultry expression of pain and angst in that all-too-relatable feeling of being blindsided by a partner and left behind.

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FADED4U x Riithareal Introducing - "Back to Her" - @riithareal FADED4U x Riithareal Introducing  - "Back to Her" - @riithareal Reviewed by FADED4U on March 03, 2021 Rating: 5

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