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 The PATRÓN x JonBoy Margarita Collection

To help consumers celebrate National Margarita Day in style, PATRÓN  collaborated with iconic celebrity tattoo artist, JonBoy, to curate a unique collection of PATRÓN inspired designs that will live on the PATRÓN Virtual Gift Wrapper through unique backgrounds themes and stickers. 

Through the PATRÓN Virtual Gift Wrapper, consumers can virtually customize their bottle of PATRON with JonBoy’s designs, their own photos and margarita-inspired designs. The PATRÓN designs are meant to evoke the “JonBoy experience” of sitting in his chair and getting a tattoo.

The PATRÓN x JonBoy Margarita Collection is a collection of curated designs inspired by PATRÓN and the timeless margarita cocktail in JonBoy’s signature style and launched ahead of National Margarita Day on February 22. 

The unique designs are not only representative of PATRÓN’s iconic history and notoriety in the tequila industry, but also reflect JonBoy’s personal style and signature handwriting. PATRÓN handcrafts its tequila using a time-honored process with meticulous detail, similar to how JonBoy handles each and every one of his tattoo designs for his clients. JonBoy was inspired to create designs that are both based in PATRÓN’s history and craft while bringing in his own style. Within the collection, there are nods to PATRÓN’s Mexican heritage through things like magueys and the tattoo world through designs like the praying hands. 

PATRÓN Virtual Gift Wrapper – How it Works

Enter via their desktop or mobile device

Choose from different designs curated by JonBoy, upload personal photos and add customized text to both sides of the bottle

Once finalized, receive a link that they can share with a recipient 21 years or older via text, email or social media

The gifter will also be directed to where they will be able to purchase a bottle of PATRÓN to send to their recipient

Once the recipient gets their link, they will be able to see their custom gift wrapping come to life by holding their camera over their box of PATRÓN.

If the recipient doesn’t have a box handy they can simply focus the phone on any surface, and they will see their custom gift wrapping appear

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