"Fly Away" - @phouelisi


"Fly Away"

While being a somewhat of an anonymise character with a seemling unpronouncebale name, Phouelisi is just solo project of Joe Bamisile. He tries to let his stage name be its own personal figure, because in a small yet large way, Phouelisi is the expression of self the basketball player cannot show on a day to day. For Phouelisi producing is the real journey, and the lyrics are simple the guide. In his newest realease "fly wavy", despite singing on a more upbeat instrumental, the lyrical content dives into a back and fourth dialoage between the siinger and someone they seem to be involved with romantically.

 Phouelisi doesn't like to give up the exact meaning of his lyricals because he wants each listerner to have their own perosnal interpretatoin. That being said he was willing to admit that in "fly wavy", there were things he had to deal with in his own mind not just with another person. 

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