King Cavalli Fundraises for Cancer Solutions In National Minority Cancer Awareness Month – @king_cavalli @musicbeatscancerorg

King Cavalli Fundraises for Cancer Solutions In National Minority Cancer Awareness Month

 Miami, Florida, based musician King Cavalli has partnered up with crowdfunding platform Music Beats Cancer and is raising money during National Minority Cancer Awareness Month.

The platform, which raises money for the innovators working on cancer-fighting solutions, partners up with rising musicians who raise money for the people at the forefront of the cancer battle. Everything raised by Music Beats Cancer artists, is matched by the Mega Fund, with the ultimate purpose of providing essential funding to help cancer researchers avoid disappearing into a “funding bottleneck”.

New Jersey born King Cavalli got started in music when he played the drums and sang at church as a child. “I revisited my passion for it after going through a very traumatic experience,” he says. “It became my peace and therapy at that time and has been healing me ever since.” A corporate headhunter by day and a musician by night, King Cavalli’s sound is something between RnB, soul, afrobeats and hip-hop, with a motivational streak, or in King Cavalli’s words, “a bit of everything.” 

Music became an even more powerful force in King Cavalli’s life when he saw a close friend’s father go through lung cancer. When he was given just days to live, King Cavalli shared a worship CD with him, after which he lived another two weeks, something he believes was down to down to the music. “I partnered [with Music Beats Cancer] because I love music and I love helping people, and this married my two biggest passions,” he says. “I love that we have a mission we are using our talents to fight for,” he says.

As someone who simultaneously works in the corporate and music worlds, it’s not easy for the musician to strike a balance. “Sometimes I feel like Batman and Bruce Wayne as I hop back and forth between these dramatically different lives,” he says. “By day I live my life as an international business tycoon and by night I’m a bit of a RnB rebel.” However he finds joy and fulfilment in both and makes sure he “feeds both of them equally”. He adds: I’m grateful to be successful in both simultaneously because they are both truly me. It’s sad that we live in a world that tries to force you to be one dimensional. We all have multiple sides and it’s a sorry life if you can only live one of them out.”

King Cavalli’s fundraising comes during National Minority Cancer Awareness Month, something intended to address the disparities and inequalities that exist surrounding cancer in minority communities. “I don’t believe we get enough education in cancer awareness which is why we don’t pay much attention to it,” King Cavalli says. “Maybe we’d be able to avoid it better if we were better informed on how we could potentially lower our risk for getting it.”

Check out King Cavalli here, and find out how to donate on the Music Beats Cancer website.

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