(Lonerkid) “I Don’t Want You”. / OutTheMud MUSIC - @dmayes22 @otmxhoodrock


(Lonerkid) “I Don’t Want You”. / OutTheMud MUSIC 

Lonerkid, a 19 year old artist from Central New Jersey, born in Syracuse, New York. Davine Mayes, better known as "Lonerkid", is an American artist, singer and songwriter; with a unique sound mixing hip hop, pop emo and R&B.The sprightly intonated artist's music is roused by heartbreak, past relationships, and love. Flip Lonerkid to side B and you can auscultate an energetic, crowd hopping, ROCK STAR! Being involved with music at an early age has proved to be an early boom for Loner. 

His father was a pianist for their church, with Loner and his two sisters being a part of the choir. At the age of three, Loner received a keyboard for Christmas and his father then began teaching him how to play. The seed was planted! Once in middle school Loner learned to play additional percussion family instruments, improving his skills and artistry allowing him to evolve into the artist we have today; Lonerkid. Inspired by the events of past relationships, loving hard has its consequences even when the love is gone. When listening to the harmonization of Lonerkid; you'll hear more than a song. You'll be propelled onto a roller coaster of uncertain emotions, dismay, decision making, and maybe the end.

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