LTtheMonk releases new single and video for Dark Italians - @LTtheMonk


LTtheMonk releases new single and video for Dark Italians

 LTtheMonk  releases the second single and video from his forthcoming album On The Wall  available August 20th on indie powerhouse label Sonic Unyon Records (Hayden, Sloan). "Dark Italians" is the new single from his forthcoming concept album that references filmmaker Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing and the late iconic singer Michael Jackson's Off The Wall, his favorite movie and album respectively. “Dark Italians is inspired by hip-hop music’s long time obsession with mafia culture, and the link that Sicily itself has with Black history, due to its occupation by the Moors of North Africa many centuries ago," says LT about the inspiration behind his new single, as he sinks into his young Godfather-like character, representing Hamilton (where he is based) and honouring its Sicilian sister city Racalmuto. "Linking the two cultures, as well as the interactions between African-Americans and Italian-Americans in the Spike Lee movie Do The Right Thing, inspired this song and its title." The clever new video for "Dark Italians" was directed by Matt Azzarello.

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