$NOT & Lil Skies connect for "Whipski" - @snot


$NOT & Lil Skies connect for "Whipski" 

Murmuring infectious melodies through his tightly-wrapped hoodie, $NOT is a master of the low-key banger. Teaming up with Cole Bennett and Lil Skies, $NOT shares "Whipski", his first new single of the year. Produced by Taz Taylor, Cxdy, and Nash of Internet Money ("Lemonade"), who anchor the track with an intricate guitar melody that instantly evokes "summertime," "Whipski" finds $NOT and Lil Skies approaching the instrumental from complementary angles–$NOT sets the melodic template with his lilting baritone, and Lil Skies turns heads with his honeyed tenor. Both emcees have money and women on their mind trade verses: "I just want a bad b*tch for the summer/Hoes on my bummer/I'm a real lover," rhymes $NOT.

Directed by Cole Bennett, the video for "Whipski" features the Lyrical Lemonade auteur's signature dynamic storyline and kinetic visual effects. The video kicks off with $NOT and Skies working for an abusive boss (who you might recognize from $NOT's Bennett-directed "Revenge" video) in an auto repair shop, before they decide to take their job and shove it. The rest of the video follows Skies and $NOT on a high-speed trip, as they transform their run-down van into a BMW. On their joyride, $NOT and Skies encounter beautiful women in green wigs, aliens in a UFO, and catch a brief glimpse of Landon Cube, who waves at them when they drive by. "Whipski" is the third collaboration between $NOT and Cole Bennett, and it loosely follows a storyline established in "Revenge" (9.5 million views) and (7.7 million views). Last night, $NOT and Cole Bennett discussed the video in a Twitter Spaces conversation, hosted by Complex.


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"He's well on his way to being one of the next independent rappers to make a mainstream splash... $NOT's got a very particular kind of charisma, and one single at a time, everything's clicking." 
Pigeons & Planes

"With Billie Eilish and ‘Euphoria’ co-signs, rapper $not is a Gen Z star in making" 
Los Angeles Times

"Snot — stylized $not — is a quintessential South Florida SoundCloud rapper, brimming with the sarcastic, devil-may-care attitude of his peers with perhaps a bit more polish." 

"$NOT's 'Pressure' Reveals a Changing Tide in Hip Hop...His nonchalant flow and reserved style does not diminish his dark, heavy lyrics and straight-to-it delivery." 
Teen Vogue

"The 22-year-old rapper has become a Gen-Z superstar—from boasting millions of streams on SoundCloud, being featured on HBO’s hit series Euphoria, receiving shoutouts from Billie Eilish and Drake (Bell), to becoming a staple on TikTok and Triller, you can find the rapper just about everywhere. With a flow that matches his calm demeanor, $not intertwines his deadpan delivery with themes of humor, love and sadness, all over ethereal bass-ladened beats to produce a sound that has garnered him widespread traction"

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