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Play Free Online Video Games is a website that offers free and fun internet games which can be played directly on the site. This is a great option since countless individuals are stuck at home during the lockdowns adds a touch of joy and excitement to individuals' lives.

I stumbled across this site from an ad I seen while looking to purchase a game for my videogame console system. has a large selection and choices of some cool and fun games to choose from that are simple, easy-to-operate, and user-friendly. One of the first games I played was Super Tetris in Arcade Classics.

(Tony FADED4U)

Choose Desktop or Phone (Options)

Controls For Gameplay

The game play is very smooth and straight forward on my Desktop / Mobile Device

With an endless supply of entertainment available on it’s tough to get bored on there. It has opened up a host of free games, giving the user instant access to a variety of games. The second game I played was Fight Virus in Simulation Games

This is a hospital simulation game where players act as doctors and nurses in a hospital setting to prevent the system from overloading with COVID-19 virus.

Its very easy to play you just have to keep patients running through the hospital efficiently while keeping the environment clean to prevent COVID-19 from overloading the hospital. I recommend this for kids they would definitely like it, simple game play.

With over 100 different games, and categories Play Free Online Games is a site I recommend you check out in your spare time, you wont be disappointed...

Play Free Online Video Games w/ @playsdotorg Play Free Online Video Games w/ @playsdotorg Reviewed by FADED4U on April 30, 2021 Rating: 5

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