Seamstress Puff Puff Pass it to $VN for catchy new single, “Seaweed” / 4/20 - @svnmod


Seamstress Puff Puff Pass it to $VN for catchy new single, “Seaweed”

It was only a matter of time before Seamstress and $VN linked up for another collaboration. After their upbeat “9to5” track in summer 2020, they’re back with a song about the nostalgia of being young and carefree. Releasing on 4/20, “Seaweed” finds $VN singing about lighting up spliffs, getting high, introspecting on life and looking to their future. The song is also 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, a nice “big brain” touch on the production side thanks to Seamstress.

Seamstress and $VN came together for an initial writing session to bounce ideas off about the track. The vibe of the beat is laid back and chill so capturing that essence through the lyrics was essential. In a moment of clarity, the words “I need a light” swept across the room and everyone was feeling the aura instantly. That quickly became the foundation of the chorus and everything else was built around it. The lyrics, on the surface, paint a picture of a bunch of teenagers at a party looking for a way to spark up their doobies. However, they really signify a deeper introspection and look on life. Sometimes, all we need to get going is a little spark, be it a memory from the past or a dream about future successes.

Dylan Pun & Peter Paszkiewicz, known as Seamstress, are a pair of producers from Toronto, Ontario whose aim is to work with and showcase upcoming artists. Coming off a strong release with their R&B vibe “Parlé”, the duo look to further cement their names as producers to watch in 2021. “Seaweed” shows their versatility and ability to switch the vibe on their productions at will. Look out for more from them all 2021.

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