“Smalltownboy”, a Lo-fi and intimate cover of the Bronski Beat classic by Sonny Hollis & Frankie Flow


 “Smalltownboy”, a Lo-fi and intimate cover of the Bronski Beat classic by Sonny Hollis & Frankie Flow

The couple from Campania totally topples the first tune, stripping it of its synth pop state of mind and adjusting it in a moderate key with clear Lo-fi/Hip Hop impacts: the spotless sound of the electric guitar is the foundation of an adaptation that is driven by a dry notch and Frankie Flow's splendid voice. 

The Lo-fi/Hip Hop impacts would all be able to be heard in the cadence of the beat and in the general sound, which is purposely private and direct. The decision, astounding to the ear, to limit the effect of the refrain through unique breaks, improves a cover that by its very nature needs to go the other way to the first. The shortfall of the riff that put Bronski Beat's unique rendition on the map is an unmistakable expressive assertion of plan. 

With this activity of melodic and expressive de-development, the most private and exceptional sides of a celebrated and lustrous world hit of the 80s arise. Sonny Hollis and Frankie Flow prevail with regards to adding character and inventiveness to a tune that as of now has an exact personality: moving from the 80s of the twentieth century to the 20s of the new thousand years and from shining synth fly to the most contemporary and insignificant Lo-fi, the couple gives new life to a notorious tune. 

Behind the making of this cover there are creative inspirations, yet additionally the craving to send an exact message. Sonny Hollis and Frankie Flow themselves explain: "Unassuming community Boy is an intra-generational song of devotion that discusses the inconvenience of the individuals who battle to attest their personality. We needed to recover the focal message of this melody by stripping it down totally, to draw out the more private and extraordinary side of this pop work of art."

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