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The WRLDFMS Tony Williams Releases Soulful “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)”

Already renowned for his multi-platinum collaborations with Kanye West and other hip-hop icons, Sidewalk Records recording artist The WRLDFMS Tony Williams reaffirms his reputation as an innovative solo artist with “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)” Listen to the new track HERE.

Released today, “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)” is a beat-driven soul song about the magnetism between two soon-to-be lovers. It’s a modern track rooted in Williams’ old-school influences, with blasts of brass that highlight his longtime funk influences and a piano progression that nods to his gospel-singing past. Gluing the mix together is the voice that made Tony Williams world famous — a soulful, show-stopping instrument that began earning global attention in 2004, when Williams appeared on Kanye West's multi-platinum debut, The College Dropout.

In addition to his ongoing work with Kanye West, The WRLDFMS Tony Williams has duetted with gospel legend Patti LaBelle, recorded with Jay-Z, performed with Rick Ross, and written songs for Nas. It’s been a diverse career, netting Williams five GRAMMY® Awards and a wide-ranging audience. “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)” finds him continuing to work in that collaborative spirit, blending his melodies with rapped verses from guest artist Wale. The result is a track that blends modern R&B and hip-hop with classic influences.

“My new sound is my old sound,” says Williams, who recorded “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)” with the production team THEVAMP. “I’ve built a fanbase by appearing on hip-hop records, but I have roots in church music. I was raised during an era of bands — an era where people made organic sounds with real instruments — and I still like performing with that full presentation. I’m a fan of real songwriting, real sounds, and complex melodies. That’s where I started, and that’s where I’ve returned full-circle with ‘Everybody Knows.’”

Following solo releases like King or the Fool - An Opera: Volume 1, “Everybody Knows (feat. Wale)” marks a soulful return-to-form from an artist whose songs bridge the gaps between R&B, gospel, funk, and forward-thinking pop.

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