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When it comes to TV-series and movies, there are quite a few celebrities who have made it big in the industry. Actor Sam Adekoge is one such name. Winning the hearts of thousands of fans in the entertainment world and captivating hearts, Actor Sam Adekoge returns in season 4 of Dynasty, playing the role of Jeff Colby. 

Hailing from the city of Lagos in Nigeria and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Sam grew as a Nigerian- American. Sam’s turning point came when the actor was chosen from thousands of submissions as the winner of the ABC Discovers National Talent Competition in 2015, giving the actor the ticket for a 1-year holding deal with ABC. Sam’s work in leading TV shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Beyond Borders and Criminal Mind, etc has been appreciated by the fraternity members and well-received by the audience. The Dynasty, returned after a three-decade hiatus, is anticipated to come with a fresh storyline and new twists and turns, making Jeff's character an integral part of the series. The return of Sam Adekoge in Season 4 of Dynasty has also proved to be a pivotal point in Sam’s personal and professional life.  While Sam’s flattering acting skills are highly appreciated by the masses, Sam’s role in Dynasty also serves as an inspiration to the people of Nigeria.  

The dramatic, amusing and opulent series has proved to be an incredible learning experience for Sam Adekoge, the actor says. Sam recalls that playing the role of Jeff Colby in Dynasty has allowed the actor to reflect on morals, values, and principles, creating a considerable impact in personal life. Actor Sam’s return in Season 4 of Dynasty as Jeff Colby, is expected to show the series in a new light, creating a lot of suspense for the audience. 

The show cherishes the original storyline and uniquely pays it homage through its witty yet interesting characters, plots, and twists. Set in a completely different time, The Dynasty has updated some of the originals characters and added some new perspectives that the audience comes to love. One of the most thrilling change is the character of Jeff Colby who is portrayed as an  

When Sam Adegoke was offered the script of Dynasty, it is said that the actor did an extensive study of the original storyline and character to do justice to Jeff Colby’s character. This included watching the original series, imagining Jeff’s childhood, experiences, and community Jeff grew up in. As there was still much left to decide and interpret Jeff’s character, it was inevitable for Sam to fill in the gaps. It won’t be wrong to suffice that there could not have been a better actor to play Jeff Colby’s character in the Dynasty other than Sam Adegoke.

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