Jess Moskaluke is the cover star of Apple Music’s ‘Canada's Country’ Playlist - @jessmoskaluke @tybentli @applemusic


Jess Moskaluke is the cover star of Apple Music’s ‘Canada's Country’ playlist

Canadian artist Jess Moskaluke is the cover star of Apple Music’s ‘Canada's Country’ playlist this week, and makes a guest appearance on The Ty Bentli Show. Jess talks to Ty about her new single "Leave Eachother Alone" and collaborating with Australian artist Travis Collins. They also discuss why she chose to stay in her Canadian hometown instead of moving to Nashville for her career.

Jess Moskaluke on her song "Leave Eachother Alone":
"Leave Each Other Alone, it was the first time I had written with Trannie Anderson and I also wrote it with Zach Owens, and he and I have written together at the time. We had always kind of known that it could sound really cool as a duet, but we wanted to make sure that it wasn't tied to being a duet in case I decided to really sit as a single on my own, but then flash forward to 2019. I had my first shows in Australia and I was playing on the same bill as a really popular Australian artist, Travis Collins. He's got this like big kind of Stapleton voice. Stapleton, but almost bigger in a way....That's how much I love Travis. I just kind of had this little ear worm in the back of my head that was Leave Each Other Alone saying he's the guy. He agreed to sing on the song and he leveled it up. It sounds so much better with him on it.”  

Jess Moskaluke on working with Corey Crowder:
"Corey and I have known each other for years. He was one of the first people that I was kind of introduced to in Nashville, and he wasn't even producing music at the time he was writing and pursuing his own artist career, and we just became really great friends and loved writing together, and it's kind of funny because I was looking for a new producer and hadn't really found anyone that I clicked with, and he literally called me up one day and he's like, "what if I just tried it?"...He had never really done like a full album before, and I was like," I'm kind of down for that. Cause I like the demos that we do together. I trust your judgment", and it worked really well and actually got my first platinum record out of that record that he tried to produce."

Credit to The Ty Bentli Show on Apple Music Country:

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